Your Breakup Repair Guide…

Hello, welcome to my Breakup Repair Guide. my name is Jessica Raymond and I’m a relationship advice expert. I’m chief editor at and I’ve decided to create my own psychology blog on breakups. I’ve been writing about relationships for about 4 years and I’ve worked with many other coaches around the world.

Jessica Raymond.

This is my personal website teach men and women around the world repair their broken relationships. Below is my step-by-step, 11 step guide on exactly what you need to do to make sure you reverse your breakup.

Of course, there is absolutely not guarantee I can do this for you. Every situation is different. However, if you follow this guide, you will optimize your chances of getting your ex back.

 Your Breakup Guide

STEP 1 — Understanding The Reasons Behind Your Breakup – This is the first step. You have to understand your breakup in order to move forward.

STEP 2 — Numbing The Pain After A Tough Breakup –  Going through a breakup can be tough. You have to learn how to cope with the emotional pain after a breakup.

STEP 3 — Should You Try To Get Your Ex Back? – Should you even try getting your ex back?

STEP 4 — How Do You Get Out of The Friend Zone With Your Ex? – A common problem. Usually after a breakup, your natural response is to be friends with your ex. But how do you get out of it?

STEP 5 — Should You Talk To Your Ex After A Breakup? – An article that addresses whether you should be talking to your ex or not.

STEP 6 — Take The “Breakup Quiz”

STEP 7 — Reverse A Breakup With Self-Improvement – Part of trying to reverse a breakup is improving yourself.

STEP 8 — Creating Post-Breakup Jealousy To Get Your Ex Back – Creating jealousy isn’t for everyone. However, there is no doubt in my mind that jealousy is one of the best weapons to get your ex back.

STEP 9 — Messages To Send Your Ex After A Breakup – Need to know what messages to send your ex?

STEP 10 — “Does My Ex Regret The Breakup?” Signs To Look For… – Find out if your ex is in regret and what you can do about it.

STEP 11 — Making Your Ex Fall Back In Love With You – How to make your ex fall back hopelessly in love with you… yeah, it sounds impossible right about now, but it can happen if you employ these tactics!