Creating Post-Breakup Jealousy To Get Your Ex Back

If you’ve decided that you want your ex back or maybe even if you don’t, provoking a little jealousy can be a quick and easy way to show them what they are missing out on – and get your ex back.  Be careful that you don’t make your actions too obvious though.  Read on for a few tips on inciting jealousy, but be careful that you aren’t discovered trying to induce jealousy or it might ruin your chances of repairing the relationship.

Sure-Fire Ways to Make An Ex Jealous

  1. People being social.

    Go on a “social” binge.  Attend as many social events as possible and make yourself visible. Especially if these events are hosted or frequented by mutual friends.  Don’t turn down invites to parties or get-togethers of any kind in the weeks following a breakup.  An active social life is positively going to make your ex jealous and will help you in your pursuit of winning them back over.

  2. Start dating others.  This is kind of a no-brainer.  Dating others is a very effective way of both creating jealousy as well as helping you to look more attractive to your ex.  Humans are naturally wired to prefer others who are attached; we pretty much always desire that which we can’t have.

  3. Get active.  Work on a leaner, healthier body.  Not only is this good for your health, but will definitely go a long way in creating attraction.  Fitness is a proven way to increase mood and unveiling a sexier body is obviously a good thing when trying to catch the attention of you ex.

  4. Work harder and get ahead at your job.  Success is attractive on anyone, and if your ex sees you succeeding at work they might reevaluate their reasons for letting you go. Also, channeling negative feeling and energy into something productive will help you to feel better about yourself. quiz banner

  5. Don’t talk to your ex.  We’ve covered this in the no-contact period, but it bears repeating.  If you cut off communication it will leave them wondering what you’ve been up to.  The only way for them to find out is to go in search of information from mutual friends or social media.

  6. Social media graphics.Use social media.  Of course you ex is going to peruse your Facebook page, even if you have un-friended them. It’s human nature to be curious.  Post pictures of you doing exciting things like snowboarding or whatever it is you’ve been up to.  Go out with friends and take pictures; post pictures of you with attractive people.  Make an effort to show that you’re enjoying your life and that you’re happy.

The answer is simple, if you want to make your ex jealous-focus on yourself. Channel your restless or negative energy into making improvements in your life. Employ the tips mentioned earlier and not only will you have your ex taking a second, or maybe even a third, look at why they broke up with you but you will also feel better about yourself and where your life is going.