Making Your Ex Fall Back In Love With You

Even though you might believe it’s hopeless, making your ex fall back in love with you is possible.  Many studies have shown that the majority of relationships can be restored, but you have to be careful to not be overly emotional and do things in the heat of the moment.  You have to approach it rationally.

Things to Remember

Ex Factor video player.Make a fresh start.  You’re going to have to “erase” the bad memories you have of each other and start by making newer, better ones.  This can easily be done by being more confident in you.  Confidence is definitely positive and when your ex sees you in a more confident and independent light, she will begin to realize that you can start over.

Learn, or remember, how to turn you ex on in a sexual manner.  Love and attraction are closely tied together and this will help the process of making your ex want you.  When your ex broke up with you chances are they no longer felt attracted to you for one reason or another.  Being able to excite them sexually will expedite the feelings of attraction and make it easier for them to remember why they loved you in the first place.  This may seem confusing, but I assure you it works.

Show that you’ve changed.  I don’t necessarily monumental changes; often it’s the little things that annoyed them to the point of leaving.  Perhaps you just need to be careful not to interrupt them like you were accustomed to.  Or maybe you have made the monumental changes and ant to point out that you’re losing weight, you got a promotion at work or that you learned a new language or skill. quiz banner

Send emotional messages; once you’ve shown that you have made changes to improve yourself, start sending little emotional messages that you’re still attractive and as charismatic as they remembered you being.  Make them laugh, tell funny stories, flirt and try to seduce them.  Keep yourself in the mindset that they are a new love interest that you’ve just met.  This will help you to keep things fresh and not fall into the ruts that ended your previous romance.

Making Things Physical

A couple being passionate.Often the final step to rekindling love is making the move from a casual meeting to an evening of romance and passion.  This has to be approached carefully, and not rushed in any way.  You’ll need to pay close attention to their feelings and the signals they give off.  The last thing you want to do is have your ex feel as though you are pressuring them into sex, you want them to ache for you and desire to be in your arms.

Once you’ve been physical together again, the work is pretty much over.  Your ex obviously still has feelings for you, or you wouldn’t have gotten to this point.  All that you need to do now is keep things moving forward in a positive manner.  Remember to keep things fun and fresh—this will help you keep your ex as your “current”.

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