Messages To Send Your Ex After A Breakup

You’ve endured a tough breakup, you’ve made it through your thirty day no contact phase and you’re ready to reestablish some form of communication with your ex.  So what messages should you send to your ex after a breakup?  If texting was a primary method of communication, then it’s a perfectly acceptable way to talk to them now.  You should keep your messages brief and happy; here are a few suggestions to get you started.

What to Say

You’ve been quiet for a while, and I’m sure there are tons of thinGuy texting at coffee you’d like to say to your ex.  These may include asking if they miss you or if they have any feelings left for you.  Don’t allow yourself to make these the “second” first impression for you.  You want to be careful that your first contact after the breakup doesn’t end up being your last.

It’s extremely important that the first contact be casual and light hearted, and that the first messages have nothing about your relationship or why it ended.  If you try to be too serious or probing it could backfire on you and push your ex farther away.  You can approach these conversations at a later time; the goal of the initial contact is to get them to think about you.

Here are some quick and “safe” texts to send:

  • Long time, no talk.  How are you?  Hope you’re doing well.

  • Hi, just saw a re-run of that movie we laughed so hard at.  I know you loved that one, anyway hope all is well.

  • Do you happen to remember the name of that Thai restaurant we went to that one time?  Thanks.  Hope you’re doing great!

Ex Factor video player.These are the kind of messages that you want to send just after completing your no contact phase.  They’re simple, casual and non-threatening.  Plus, they will almost always get a response.  If no response if gotten, don’t worry and don’t keep at it—you don’t want to appear needy or clingy. If you want a video on the exact blueprint on messages to send your ex and how to get your ex to come chasing back after you, click the video on the right. You’ll be taken to “how to” guide by relationship expert Brad Browning. He’s helped thousands of couples get back together.

Keep in mind that the messages you send need to be positive and must show that you are okay with things the way they are.  Your goal is to put yourself on their mind and stimulate a productive conversation, not to bear your soul and beg them to take you back.

Texting is a no-pressure way to resume communication.  There will be no awkward silences to fill and it allows you, and your ex, an opportunity to think about what you want to say and edit if before it is said.  Make sure to re-read everything you text before you press send. You don’t want to accidentally “typo” something you didn’t mean to say.You’ve waited at least thirty days to talk to them, taking a few extra seconds to look over your message isn’t going to hurt anything, and it could actually keep you from accidentally conveying something you didn’t mean to.  Don’t obsess though; all you want to do is make sure they are reminded of you. So there you have a guide on messages to send your ex after a breakup. quiz banner