Reverse a Breakup with Self-Improvement

So, you’re committed to the no contact phase of your breakup, now what do you do with yourself?  Don’t sit around home moping and wasting time wishing, enjoy yourself and make necessary improvements to ensure your desirability.  You will want to keep yourself busy and distracted from the breakup with friends and outings, but also take some time to do some self-care.  Get a makeover, do some charity work, learn a new language; just do something you enjoy that not only makes you feel better but also shows that you are capable of happiness on your own.

Appear Un-Phased by The Breakup

Happy man jumping.During this no contact phase, you want to give off the impression that you are fine on your own.  Giving off the appearance of having others in line to spend time with you will project the idea that you no longer need your ex.  This is highly effective in making yourself more desirable to them.  Once they see that you are unaffected by their leaving, they will begin to second guess the decision to walk away from you.

Reasons to Date After A Breakup

There are several reasons to date again.  The easiest one to recognize is that it’s fun-plain and simple.  Instead of tucking yourself into bed and having a pity party, you should start dating again and enjoy yourself.

Returning to the dating scene can also help to regain confidence in you.  The opposite sex is always attracted to confident people, and your ex is no exception. Not only will others see you as desirable but your ex will realize that you are not as “broken” as they thought you might be once they broke up with you.  This could be very important in regaining their interest.

A touch of the green eyed monster isn’t always a bad thing.  Sometimes a little jealousy can go a long way in restoring a relationship after a breakup.  If you want your ex back, let them see that others find you attractive and that you aren’t sitting at home moping over them.

Let Your Ex Know That You’re Doing Well


I know, I know we said “NO CONTACT”, but there are other ways of getting word back to your ex that you are doing well.  Social media is a good way to spread the word, even if you’ve un-friended the ex, I assure you that word will get back to them.

Perhaps you share a mutual friend.  Ask them to hang out sometime, and show this friend that your life is going alright and let them know that you’ve been on a few dates.  Be upbeat and happy about your situation, and I guarantee you that word will eventually get back to your ex.

Following these simple rules of advice, can make all the difference when your thirty days of no contact have ended.  Once you are ready to reach out to your ex little by little, they will know that you are happy, healthy and a better person than they thought you might be after they left you.  This will make them even more receptive to spending time with you again, and just perhaps you can rekindle a little spark.

Hopefully this will you reverse the breakup with self-improvement!