“Does My Ex Regret The Breakup?” Signs to Look For…

Are you baffled as to whether or not your ex wants you back or if they’re just playing with your emotions?  Sure they told you it was over, but did they really mean it or is it still possible to get them back? Let’s look at some signs and reasons that you might still have a chance at repairing your relationship and getting your ex back.

A woman looking interested.

Signs to Look For If You Want Your Ex Back

  • Are they dating anyone else?  Chances are that they are missing you if they aren’t seeing anyone else.

  • Phone calls.  You’ve committed to a no contact phase, but your ex might not have.  If they are calling you for no reason, this is a huge sign that they are regretting letting you go.

  • Are they touchy feely?  If you happen to run into your ex, did they go out of their way to give you a hug or put their hand on your shoulder?  An ex who wants nothing to do with you wouldn’t touch you for any reason, but one who still has feelings for you will want to put their hands on you in some way.

  • Rage.  I have learned that the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference.  An ex who has excessive amounts of rage or anger, still has positive feelings for you as well.  The anger is simply a way to mask these feelings and deal with their loss.

  • If you’re still confused, there are quizzes you can take to find out what chances you have with your ex.
  • Do they flirt with you?  This one is pretty simple.  Do they drop innuendos into any conversations with you?  Flirting is often subconscious and they may not be able to hide their true feelings.

  • Jealousy.  If an ex acts irrationally at the sight of you with others, then chances are they aren’t as “over” you as they want you to believe they are.

  • Pictures of you?  A good sign that your ex still wants you back is if your pictures are still on display.  We don’t keep reminders of people we wish to forget displayed in prominent places.

  • Do they continue to do things to remind themselves of you?  Frequenting places you went to together or watching movies you enjoyed together is another indicator that you’re still on their mind.

A couple flirting at a bar.There are many reasons that your ex would miss you and want you back.  You have a history of positive memories together and on most levels you are comfortable with each other.  The only thing impeding that comfort right now is the fact that they broke up with you.  However, on a deeper level they know you very well and are comfortable with you.  If given time and reminded of good times and positive memories, your ex just might come around to wanting you back.

If these signs are present but they still aren’t talking to you, don’t panic just yet.  Give your ex time to process and sort out their feelings.  Confusion is understandable and you want to be sure that when they are ready to see you again that they really want you. Hopefully this will give you some insight as to whether your ex regrets the breakup or not.